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Weekend Film Challenge - ATX High Schools

Weekend film competition with prizes.


Focus: The UIL Young Filmmakers Festival

Each school may submit three (3) films in each category. The categories are:

1) narrative,

2) documentary, (This does not include Broadcast News or PSA’s)

3) computer/ digital animation and

4) traditional animation (claymation, hand drawn, stop motion) This does not include live actors filmed and then edited to create a “strobe” effect.

• Narrative and documentary films shall be 3- 7 minutes in length. Animation entries shall be 30 sec- onds to 3 minutes in length. This includes any credits.


Austin Film Festival Young Filmmakers

Shorts can be submitted in the following categories: Narrative, Documentary or Animation. 12 minutes or less.


SXSW Texas High School Film Competition

Open to all categories. Under 5 min.


Newport Beach Film Festival

Open to all Categories. No time limit

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