Senior Salute 2020

LASA Seniors 2020,


We are busy putting together an event to close the year for you called Senior Salute. 


For those of you not familiar, this is usually the event we do the night before graduation where everyone dresses up, students host and make jokes, music is performed, awards are given, and everyone gets their magnet endorsement certificate. We also laugh at the students poking fun at teachers in a skit. We laugh at teachers poking fun at themselves in a faculty film. Then the event ends as we watch the Senior Locker video.


Your Senior Salute is set for July 16th at 7pm and we are shifting to an online venue this year. 


To customize the event for the online format we will have some seniors hosting live and a few other live elements interspersed with pre-recorded segments. Everyone will tune in to watch via Youtube Live just as you did for Coffeehouse.


We want to add some new portions to the show and make a few videos with contributions from you. If you would like, please send us files for the following:


  1. LASA Senior 2020 Video Yearbook: Since we did not get to do a Senior Locker video this year, we would like to put together other footage of seniors being seniors. Send us video and still pictures of people and events from the school year. Do you have pictures from football games? Video from class activities? Or just some shots hanging out with your friends or hallwalking through LASA? Anything from the school year is great. 

  2. LASA in Words 2020: Record yourself saying the one word that you would use to describe your LASA experience. Label your video file with your Last name.Firstname. Use a phone, or your Chromebook etc to record. Any type of video file will work. Here is a version the seniors did 3 years ago so you get an idea:


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