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LASA Lip Dub 2021

Hello LASA Community,


Week 1 of filming the #lasalipdub2021 was a HUGE success! 

Schedule for this week “Week 2”:



Monday April 26th, 2021

11:30am - Group 14

Friday April 30th, 2021

10:00am - Group 8

12:30pm - Group 10

3:00pm - Group 9


We want all students to participate!

📢 Sign up to be part of filming at LASA in-person.

You can still participate in the Lip Dub even if you can’t come to school.

📢 Submit your own video clip if you can't come in-person.


  1. RSVP Instructions: We have a Google Form that EVERYONE will need to fill out in order to RSVP for a time/group. Even if a student is not involved with any of the extracurriculars in the groups, please still pick a time/group to participate with. All students, please use the following link to RSVP for a time/group. 

  2. Choosing a Group: Students may participate with however many groups that they would like. Just use the RSVP form and select all the groups you will be participating in!

  3. Group Instructions: We have updated the instructions for Week 2 groups. Please refer to the linktree to review specific instructions for each group as far as what to bring and what is required of them on set.  

  4. Entrance Procedures: Students, please arrive on campus at least 15 minutes prior to your group's scheduled time. You will need to fill out a health check in the AISD app and be ready to have your temperature checked. We will have members of the filming crew stationed at the front entrance to check your temperature, sign you in, and direct you to your group’s filming location.

  5. Student Submissions: If a student wants to be involved in the lip dub but can’t make it to in-person filming, please have them submit a short clip (<5 seconds) from the past year in quarantine. Could be ANYTHING important to the student. We have a segment specifically for showing these clips. After clicking the following linktree, please scroll down to navigate to the “Student Submissions” in order to submit a video.  

  6. Instagram: Follow @lasalipdub2021 on Instagram for more frequent updates!


Filming is spread out over the weeks. 



Wednesday April 21st

12:00pm - Group 5

Friday April 23rd

10:00am - Group 6

12:30pm - Group 3

3:00pm - Group 4

3:00pm - Group 12

Saturday April 24th

8:00pm - Group 17


Monday April 26th, 2021

12:00pm - Group 14 - AV Production Room

Friday April 30th, 2021

10:00am - Group 8 - By The Track

12:30pm - Group 10 - Spanish Portable

3:00pm - Group 9 - Indoor Gym



Saturday May 8th, 2021

12:00pm - Group 1 - Chloe's Room

5:00pm - Group 16 - Zilker



Thursday May 13th, 2021

10:00am - Group 7 - Theatre

12:30pm - Group 11 - Orchestra and Band Hall

3:00pm - Group 2 - Freshman Lockers


As a reminder, below are the different filming groups and their corresponding song section.  The Groups in grey have completed filming.

GROUP 1: Intro [00:00 - 00:16]

The Girl (Chloe Pence)


GROUP 2: Verse 1 [00:16 - 00:40]

Painting, Drawing, Poetry Club, Baking Club, Stitch Service


GROUP 3: Verse 2 [00:40 - 00:58]

Comp Sci Club, Women in Computer Science, Robotics Team, Chess Club


GROUP 4: Pre-Chorus 1 [00:58 - 01:16] 

Newspaper Club, Yearbook, Book Club, Newspaper club teacher


GROUP 5: Chorus 1 [01:16 - 01:33] 

LASA Teachers


GROUP 6: After-Chorus 1 [01:33 - 01:48] 

Dance Team


GROUP 7: Verse 3 [01:48 - 02:09]

The Alley Cat Players, Theatre Tech Class


GROUP 8: Pre-Chorus 2 [02:00 - 02:27] 

Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Track and Field, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Spikeball


GROUP 9: Chorus 2 [02:27 - 02:45] 

Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swim and Dive, Water Polo, Golf, Wrestling


GROUP 10: After-Chorus 2 [02:45 - 03:02] 

Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Latin, ASL


GROUP 11: Instrumental Bridge [03:02 - 03:20] 

Orchestra, Band


GROUP 12: Vocal Bridge [03:20 - 03:38]

FBLA, Environmentalism Club, Science Olympiad, Model UN, Youth and Government, Diversity Council, LASA Pride Alliance


GROUP 13: Pre-Chorus 3 [03:38 - 04:03] 

Fire Academy


GROUP 14: Chorus 3 [04:03 - 04:19] 

Advanced/Practicum AV Production


GROUP 15: After-Chorus 3 [04:19 - 04:36] 

Student Submissions


GROUP 16: After After-Chorus [04:36 - 04:53] 

Senior Battle Royale


GROUP 17: After-Chorus 4 [04:53 - 05:15] 


Again, please make sure to fill out the RSVP form before your group’s scheduled day(s).


Other questions/concerns?

Please submit other questions to director Ella Glasscock at


Thank you,


The LASA Advanced/Practicum AV Production Class

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